How to configure Plesk mail server:


Find the mail server information in Plesk

When configuring mail settings, please make sure to enter your mail server name correctly. You can find this in your Plesk Panel by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Plesk Control Panel.
  • Go to the ‘Mail’ tab.
  • Click on the Information icon How to configure Plesk mail Information next to your email address.
  • Your incoming and outgoing mail server names will be displayed here.


Incoming mail settings:



The default ports for POP3 are Port 110 for a non-encrypted connection and Port 995 if you would like to configure a secure connection.



You will need to use Port 143 for a non-encrypted connection, or you can use Port 993 for a secure connection.



Outgoing mail settings:


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used for sending emails.

The default non-secure ports are Port 25 and Port 587, while Port 465 is used for secure SMTP.


We recommend using the secure port either with the certificate provided by Plesk or your custom SSL certificate.




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