DirectAdmin a to z Video Tutorial

  1. DirectAdmin Overview 
  2. How to Change DirectAdmin Control panel Skin – Theme 
  3. DirectAdmin Control panel Filemanager and How to upload Website
  4. DirectAdmin Control panel SQL Management and PHPmyAdmin
  5. How to add Addon Domain setup Domain in DirectAdmin
  6. How to make a Subdomain in DirectAdmin
  7. How to add DNS record in DirectAdmin
  8. How to install SSL certificates in DirectAdmin
  9. How to Create FTP account in DirectAdmin
  10. How to add alias domain or Domain Pointers in DirectAdmin
  11. How to Redirect URL in DirectAdmin
  12. How to create a Business Email account and login In DirectAdmin
  13. How to create business Email Forwarders in DirectAdmin
  14. How to create a backup and restore in DirectAdmin
  15. How to change PHP Version in Directadmin
  16. How to Edit PHP INI in DirectAdmin 
  17. How to install WordPress in DirectAdmin using softaculous 
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